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    Beyond Turbo Dispatch



    Turbo Exchange is a replacement for the Turbo Dispatch service. Turbo Dispatch revolutionised the towing industry in 1995, by allowing electronic communication between Vehicle Breakdown Recovery clubs, and their agents around the UK.
    The Turbo Dispatch system was launched using Mobitex technology which was tried and trusted, and the best available in the UK at the time. This was before the Internet took hold, and the mobile phone operators had a viable solution. However it had it's limitations, which later became a hindrance to future software development.
    One of the original team, helping to set up the network, had the foresight to realise that Mobitex would not be around forever, and believed the use of Internet technology would be a better alternative. A new network system was developed using the latest technology, fixing many of the shortcomings of the original system. After several years, this became Turbo Exchange which started it's life distributing GPS tracking data from 2008. Since then it has spread into other industries under a different name, and become the foundation for other applications.


    UK Recovery Industry.

    Due to the nature of the way Turbo Dispatch was developed, and later modified "by committee", it became difficult to develop new applications that was truly compatible for everyone. Technology soon left Turbo Dispatch behind, and so did the majority of the people that worked on it, leaving it as a misunderstood messaging system, based on obsolete technology few people understand.

    Turbo Exchange was developed to not only replace Turbo Dispatch, but also future proof it, by using an open source messaging standard developed by Google.  Turbo Exchange is the only system that works for everybody. Others have tried and faild.

    Turbo Exchange costs no more than 66% of Transcomm. It will not rise in price above UK inflation, plus you will get 24hr support. We operate a fair use policy. We don't penalise you for unexpected spikes in your data usage, providing your using the service for as it was intended.