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    Applications that already support Turbo Dispatch using TD6 or TD8 should work without modification or with a few tweaks.
    The majority of users can switch to (or run in parallel) Turbo Exchange with little fuss.  See our HowTo guide.

    We would like to encourage developers to conciser converting applications to use Turbo Exchange natively.  In time, we will be adding new features, that will not be available through the old message format.  If it's a .NET application, then we make it really easy with our .NET connector.  If not, many users have written their own wrappers to web services or similar.



    turbo exchange.net_280x59_trans.png

    .NET DLL connectorDLLMap.png

    Get your .NET applications connected in minutes.  Just add this .DLL file to your project, and paste in the sample code.  All the message classes are pre-compiled into the .DLL ready for you to use, and our exclusive Turbo Dispatch compatibility layer removes the need to worry about compatibility.

    • Multi-platform - works with Windows, Mac, Linux or any OS that Mono supports
    • Multi-language support - (C#,VB,Python,Java,Boo, plus others)
    • Fully Supported by Logic Ethos Ltd, with sample source code
    • Used in our own products
    • Free for use on our networks
    • Handles all asynchronous IP communications with our servers, so you dont have to. 



    new.pngTurbo Airpack - Drop in replacement for Transcomm Airpack


    Airpack users can use this to automatically route data between Turbo Exchange and a Transcomm Mobitex IAS.





    Turbo Exchange Test Suite
    • Send and Receive Jobs, Messages and SMS messages
    • Uses the .NET connector
    • Source code availble

    See Download page



    UK Clubs - Switchover Strategy

    TD8 Compatibility modes - Non Garage Manager Users with TD8.



    Low Level Networking (advanced topics)

    Google Protocol Buffers (introduction on how we use them)
    Socket Transport Streaming (low level socket programming)


    .Proto files (message classes)