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    Isn't the Internet unreliable?
    In some areas, yes!  However the Internet offers multiple points of access, so if one route fails, there are usually alternatives.  ADSL/Cable/Mobile 3G/Satellite.  At least one of these will be available, and if you acquire two or more, it lowers the risk of downtime.
    The UK is behind many countries on it's next generation of Internet services, but this will improve over the next few years. Our advice is to do your own risk assessment, and if necessary get a backup connection, so if your regular broadband connection fails, a backup connection kicks in with little or no interruption. We have designed our network to be tolerant of short outages.
    Isn't the Internet insecure?
    All data passed though Turbo Exchange, is encrypted. It uses the same technology banks use. Turbo Dispatch has no encryption at all. This is less of a problem when using a radio modem, as the hardware is harder to get hold off, but as base stations are being shut down, some users have been forced onto the Internet anyway.

    How much will this all cost?
    In terms of up front costs, in many cases nothing. If you already have an Internet connection, then use that. You may want to consider a backup connection, which depending on where your located, shouldn't be expensive.
    Running costs are free at the moment for existing Turbo Dispatch users. When we start charging, prices are guaranteed to be a third less than Transcomms rates for the same level of service, and will not rise any higher than UK inflation over time.


    We have mobitex equipment in our vehicles. Will it still work?
    Not for much longer.  Transcomm are sutting down their radio masts. However, there are often savings to be had in switching to more modern equipment. 

    Customer Support?
    24hr assistance included.

    How reliable is Turbo Exchange?
    Turbo Exchange, is monitored 24 hours a day by an automated system that alerts us of a problem.  Our datacenters are manned around the clock.
    We run at lest two servers at any one time, and if one is inaccessible, the other one takes over. They are located in different parts of the country, and both have fault tolerant hardware and power backup.