How it Works

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    From a users point of view, there isn't much to it.  Everything happens automatically.

    Turbo Dispatch "MAN numbers", are 7 digits, and typically start with a 3 (3000000 to 3999999) or a 6.

    Turbo Exchange numbers can be up to 20 digits.  To make things simple, we issue a 7 digit "TurboID" number to existing Turbo Dispatch users, prefixed with a 9. (9000000 to 9999999)

    Messages sent with a number starting with a 3  or 6, are automatically routed though TurboDispatch/Transcomm

    Messages sent with a number starting with a 9, are automatically routed though Turbo Exchange.


    In a Nutshell

    You have a MAN number and/or a TurboID number.  Both can be thought of as the same thing, only behind the scenes they are sent via different technologies.