How to get Turbo Exchange

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    Turbo Exchange can run alongside your Turbo Dispatch/Transcomm connection.  The Mobitex Association have withdrawn sales for IAS (Transcomm's internet connection), and some of the Transcomm's Radio network has been switched off.

    To prepare for the future, follow the instructions below, to get your free TurboID number and connection.  Do this now, so that your are ready.  It costs no money now, and when the time comes to switch over permanently, it will cost less than you are paying now for Transcomm.  You will never have to pay for two services.  Additional services may be charged for.


    You will need a stable always-on Internet connection. If you are concerned about the robustness of your Internet connection, we would recommend you get a router that supports a built in 3G backup (or similar). This will automatically switch you to an alternative connection, with little or no downtime.

    New users without Turbo Dispatch should contact their software supplier.   MTT customers can call support for help with installation.




    Turbo Dispatch 8 users


    1.  Make sure you are on at least Version 8.33.  If not, click File/Check for update. Request a username & password from MTT

    2.   Click on the Turbo Exchange Logo at the bottom on the screen, and fill in the details








    Turbo Dispatch 6 & 8 hybrid users

    Follow the instructions above.








    Turbo Dispatch 6 users

    TD6 should be on 6.22 or above.
    For the latest version close TD6, save this this file. into your C:\TD directory.  Then start it back up again.


    1.  In TD6, press ALT-S. This should bring up a form as shown below. Make sure the "Move GPRS to \Outbox2" is ticked.




    2. Download & install TD8 (contact
    3. Start TD8 you just installed (Start/Startup/TD8)
    4. It will ask you if you are running TD6 - select yes.
    5. Follow the instructions for Turbo Dispatch 8 above.