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    Turbo Exchange can pass more than just text messages, which opens the door to new features.  Here are a few that will be possible, with the next generation of software that can be built for Turbo Exchange:-



    Cut telephone costs and provide instant voice communication via the internet.
    Attach links to jobs, that provide instant communication direct to drivers, controllers or members.
    Combined with Web Applications, work from anywhere in the world where there is an internet connection.

    Web Applications

    Run the control room from any web browser.
    Night controller.
    Vehicle Tracking.
    Nothing to set up - just browse to an internet address, and enter a username & password

    Signature capture / Digital worksheets

    Use a Bluetooth Digital Pen, or touch screen to capture signatures, and send them encrypted over Turbo Exchange.
    With a digital pen, a customised job sheet, can be sent ahead of the actual document and automatically attached to a job.  The original can be kept, if required, in case the electronic version does not stand up in court.


    Send photos tagged with the job number, date/time & GPS location.


    Share GPS data

    Once a job has been assigned to a vehicle, share the vehicle location with the club and even the member via Google Maps on a smart phone, or even the member's sat-nav.  This would be an opt-in service, with safeguards to cover priviacy issues.


    Return loads

    Advertise the whereabouts of an unloaded vehicle availabe for hire, by sharing its GPS location with an automated database that can look for possible job matches.