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    We have multiple servers located in Interxion's London Datacentre. and backup servers at Scolocate in Scotland & Telehouse London Docklands.

    • RAID-10 disk arrays
    • Dual hot-swap power supplies
    • 1Gbps network feed

    Our servers run Linux, with Mono from Novell.  Linux has renowned stability, and can be pared down to just the basic components required for maximum speed, and security.  Our server software is written entirely in C# managed code which offers fault tollerance, and realtime diagnostics.

    Amazon S3

    Storage is provided by Amazon Data Services. Very dependable, safe & secure.


    Our protocol uses Googles Protocol Buffers wrapped around our own streaming transport.  Google use it internally for their own system.  Not only is is very fast, but it's extremely portable, and extendible.  Plus it's backed by a thriving community, for continuous innovation and support.

    Microsoft .NET

    Our .NET DLL connector is written in C#, using Microsofts .NET framework.  It's also compatibe with Mono, so it's cross platform.