SMS Gateway





    Turbo Exchange and M:Science have partnered to bring Turbo Exchange users SMS sevices.


    • 4.5p to 7.5p per message
    • No Setup charge
    • Pay as you go
    • Send Text messages from Garage Manager & Turbo Track
    • Optional web based service
    • Optional incoming phone number (£80 p.a.) or use any phone to receive replies.



    For Pricing, and to sign up for a free M:Science account, click here.

    Once you have an m-science account, you will get a username & password by e-mail.  You need to put this into your TD8/TurboExchange Client by clicking on the Turbo Exchange logo.

    TD8 sms-small.png


    If you require support, please e-mail


    How to set up Garage Manager


    Set the SMS Gateway in Garage Manager Setup to 9009009




    Add a phone number to the TD Directory.  NOTE: If you don't use the international code, +44 (UK) is assumed.




    You can send Text Messages by pressing the F12 key.  Either type in a mobile number, or select one from from the directory.




    You can also send jobs via SMS.  However as there is a limit of 160 characters, it's not very practical.


    After sending a message, you should get a message like this.



    How to set up Turbo Track


    1. In TurboTrack, go to File/Set Paths

    2. Click on Edit.



    3. Change the SMSGateway to 9009009




    4. File/Save.

    5. File/Exit.

    6. Restart Turbo Track and also TT Dispatch (Green icon in system tray next to the clock)