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    Turbo Exchange Client

    Free client software which is compatible with Turbo Dispatch.  Supports applications that use the traditional Inbox/Outbox system.  Can be used as a replacement for TD6, or will work along side to provide seamless integration.



    Turbo Exchange Test Suite

    Free software for developers, or anyone wanting to test the service, and software that uses it.

    Sends Test Jobs/Messages.

    Source code available for .NET developers.





    Turbo Exchange .NET connector

    Free .NET libary to integrate into existing and new .NET applications.  Provides instant access to Turbo Exchange.  Fully supported by us.





    Turbo Dispatch 8

    Turbo Dispatch 8 is compatible with Turbo Exchange, and it's available from MTT/Mobile Tracking systems.  If your already running this, then no need to install anything.  See our install guide.






     ALL our software supports data encryption as standard.