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    No encryption. All private data sent in plain text, including members vehicles, names, addresses, phone numbers, locations.


    SSL/TLS encryption as standard

    Passwords encrypted


    Message Size

    512 Characters (Fixed)


    100,000 bytes (software limited)
    +Streaming mode


    Message Types Text only (Limited to ASCII. No quotation marks)


    Text (UTF-8 international).
    Structured data types.
    Binary data (i.e future proof).



    Typically measured in seconds. Delays have to be added to guarantee packet order.


    ~ milliseconds. Packet order guaranteed

    Only new jobs get a delivery receipt. All other messages are sent without knowing if thay have arrived.


    Any message can request a delivery receipt
    Store & Forward

    Optional. Typically 20 messages maximum.

    Never used.


    All messages are buffered for ~2 minutes, then can be optionally stored for up to a year depending on the account used. A standard account typically gets up to 7 days unlimited storage (fair usage terms applies).



    comma & quote delimited
    minimum of 7 characters overhead per field + 8 characters per message.


    Compressed binary. Google Protocol Buffer encoded. Automatic Zlib compression.
    Access Points


    Broadband Internet (fixed IP required)
    Mobitext Radio (where coverage is available, may require external antenna)
    X25 (no longer provided)


    Broadband Internet (no special requirements)
    GPRS/G3 (any Mobile Phone operator)
    Or any other internet connection



    "Turbo Dispatch" V6.x, V8.x

    Windows Only



    Turbo Dispatch V8
    TurboExchangeClient V1 (free)
    Or integrated into new products.

    Multi-platform support


    Developer Tools
    Protocol Specification.  No software tools, except for low level mobitex connections.

    .NET DLL connector (free)
    Example client source code (free)
    Protocol specification
    +community supported Google Protocol Buffer support in various programming languages.