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    How to track your vehicles, PDAs, Tablets and Smartphones on VRX - Vehicle & Recovery Exchange.


    1.  You will need a VRX Username and Password.

    2. Send a Turbo Exchange message to 5111444. In Garage Manager, press the F12 key, and type in the following

    To: 5111444
    Message: register,username,password

    (The word "register", followed by a comma, and your VRX username & password, also seperated by a comma).

    3. Click Send.  You should get a message back to say your registered.




    4. Now that your Turbo Exchange account is registered with VRX, as each tracker reports it's gps location to Turbo Exchange, it will be also forwarded to VRX.  They will not show on the VRX map until you first add them from a list, and fill in a few details.  Configure VRX in the steps shown below for each tracker.




    Note: If your tracker is missing from the list, it may not have reported in recently.  Switch on, and try again.

    After you have added the trackers, they will start showing up on the VRX map when they next send a gps message.